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A Childless Womans Guide To Raising Children Book CoverStep Aside Tiger Mom…

While she has no children of her own, Zapis has plenty of experience with kids that she relates in helpful and humorous anecdotes she knows will benefit, and sometimes infuriate, parents. Much comes from watching her own siblings succeed, and crash and burn, with her brood of nephews and nieces. And then there’s the old world logic that seems on the point of extinction in our politically correct times – learned, both the easy and hard way, from the oft wooden spoon!

A Childless Woman’s Guide to Raising Children doesn’t only contain Zapis’ advice but a compendium of insightful and gut-busting quotes about parenting spanning from ancient Greece to the Algonquin Roundtable to today’s top comics and beloved TV parents. The concluding chapter of Zapis’ breezy read is the only place we are likely to hear Socrates, Dean Martin, Quentin Crisp, Billy Graham, Red Buttons, Erma Bombeck and Dorothy Parker share a stage.

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Look At This Publicist Trying To Bait Me With A Childless Woman’s ‘Parenting Book’. I’d just like you all to see what made it’s way into my inbox today. It’s the press release for the next big parenting controversy. It even name-checks one of the last big parenting controversies, just so you know that it’s serious.