Recently, a friend of mine posted an image on Facebook of the good ole days in a Greek Village. When I first saw this image, I was stunned. Who puts 2 toddlers with no shoes on the back of a donkey? And then I thought “Hey, this mother has got it right. She has to go take care of business in the fields, has two kids, doesn’t have a nanny to take care of them so what’s a mother to do? Saddle them up and take them with you.”

Christine Gross-Loh also got it right when she recently wrote an article for the Huff Post Parents titled, “Have American Parents Got It all Backwards?” I think so. We have become a society where we are afraid to let anything come near our children. You need to allow your children to eat dirt, that’s how they build their immune system.

Read on and let me know what you think of Christine’s wise words. I think she nailed it.

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Look At This Publicist Trying To Bait Me With A Childless Woman’s ‘Parenting Book’. I’d just like you all to see what made it’s way into my inbox today. It’s the press release for the next big parenting controversy. It even name-checks one of the last big parenting controversies, just so you know that it’s serious.