Ivanka Trump who is expecting baby number two with hubby Jared Kushner, has already laid down the law with her first daughter Arabella. She’s made it very clear she won’t tolerate bratty or spoiled behavior and above all, her children must have good manners. Did she read my book? Regardless of how much Ivnaka’s worth she knows what’s important when it comes to raising her children. Something tells me she had these ideas PRIOR to having her children. I love this woman and her no-nonsense mommy ways.

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Look At This Publicist Trying To Bait Me With A Childless Woman’s ‘Parenting Book’. I’d just like you all to see what made it’s way into my inbox today. It’s the press release for the next big parenting controversy. It even name-checks one of the last big parenting controversies, just so you know that it’s serious.