The Grocery Store

A trip to the grocery store is not complete until a fuzzy-headed, demolition-loving, evil-laughing child rams into you – while the parent thinks it is perfectly cute and normal. Wrong!


This is a video written and produced by author, Ageleke Zapis, who has her sights on helping parents rein in their kids, before they take over the planet. Childless herself, she’s heard every argument in the world as to why she wasn’t qualified to write this book, and then wrote it anyway. Her thinking is that if her insights can help just one parent change the life of just one child, then it was a complete waste of time.

As a woman in her early 50’s, it never occurred to the Author that she would one day write a book about parenting. But, as a keen observer of parents and kids in her extended family, in her life, and in general, over the years she has witnessed behavior and incidents that made her think, “there must be a better way to deal with situations.”

As someone who is without children, she understands that raising children has to be the hardest job in the world. She has witnessed this as an Aunt to her many nieces and nephews and as an observer of day-to-day activities where children are around. At first thought this was a rather far-fetched idea, writing a book on tips for raising kids. Then it occurred to her that this actually made sense, because as an “outside” observer, she can see the forest for the trees. Most parents are too busy trying to live their lives and raise their kids to take stock of what kind of a parenting job they’re doing.

There is humor in the insanity witnessed. Whether it’s a parent loudly negotiating with their child over some insignificant item at a store, ordering their child to “eat your food!” or any other number of parent-child dynamics that often lead to stress, hurt feelings and confusion. As you read this book, you will encounter scenarios that may resemble some of your past or recent experiences with your child.

The purpose of pointing out these reoccurring scenarios is to enable you to see what the Author see, from an outside perspective. This will not only give you insight as to your child’s behavior, but will also help you better perceive your own behavior. Discipline doesn’t have to be about stifling a child’s creativity or discovery process…rather it’s all about how the kids and parents go through their journey together. Discipline applies to both sides of the equation.

Children today are practically handed anything and everything they want at a young age, without having to earn it. And as a result, they grow up believing that they’ve earned the right to success and money without actually having to work for it. When you consider that childhood is a training ground for adulthood, then you see the importance of instilling valuable life lessons in your children.

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